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I Choose To Be Alone [I Choose To Be Alone]

I choose to be alone by myself
to mould my joy with both hands,
I choose to drink the wine of solitude
to live while none steals a glance.

For from earth’s cup I have drunk
tea laced with gall and spirit,
trailed by innocent casts-
guised countenances of deceit.

And I have learned their tricks
after much damage to my heart
and I have made me a pledge
to walk but stealthily avoid their path.

Let each man his business mind
and not with pretence seek friendship
which when on board become bare
and chaos the sea they both sleep.

Man is greed and greed is man,
few are they void of this disease
but how do we know this lot
since no tags adorn physiques?

For me, my mind is made:
I choose to be alone from now,
in man I seek refuge no more;
till the end lives my vow.

Written by: Jude Uchella

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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