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I AM JUST A PASSERBY (Madu Chisom Kingdavid)

I Am Just A Passerby

I Am Just A Passerby

I am just a passerby…

I saw people of Aluu
Strip them bare like Anini,
Hammering fists and woods on them!

I heard their silent screams-
Thunderous and inconsolable
As beads of blood trickled down,
From their eyes and nostrils!

I saw callous Aluuians put tyres on their necks
Drench them generously with fuel
And happily set them ablaze!
I saw smoke – thick and bulbous!

Ascending to the sky,
Inviting the crows and vultures.
O! It’s another disaster in my country!

My kinsmen, I am just a passerby…

meet the poet: Madu Chisom Kingdavid

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