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HEROES PAST… ZEROES PRESENT? [Heroes Past....Zeroes Present?] [Heroes Past….Zeroes Present?]

Couldn’t stop musing about the events of the moment
Right in my apartment my muse left me like used raiment
All thanks to the government
The labour of our heroes past hasn’t been in vain
’cause their sweat is now a 1960-classic champagne
You pop when you get to power
Not to talk about corruption
The labour of our heroes past hasn’t been in vain
’cause their works have been piled in a cold oven
And “you’ve helped our youth to know truth”
about the outcome – National Cake

“Pops” and “cheers”
When there’s still more tears
“Let’s make a toast”
When lives have been left to roast
Those pyromanias have been left
to perform stunts in releasing bombs
And when you have some killed,
you celebrate a pyrrhic victory

A country where immunity is been distributed
more than free education
And “discharge and acquitted”
is only for the sumptuous

We pray for a change daily
We pray justice should be re-birthed
And freedom should be re-virginized
And “democrazy” should get wel

Written by: Jeremiah Peters

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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