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Hell Fire Don Com We Kontri [Hell Fire Don Com We Kontri]

Toh! Na ask I say make I ask,
because if I no ask, e go be like say I no kia!
Hellfire don come we kontri?

Tins no come be as e take de be before.
Our pipul no dey tink laik homo sapiens again.
E be like say dem exchange hed with fish

Things wey we no dea see befo
don turn part of our laif.
Hellfire don come we kontri?

Our pipul just de die laik fowl,
to waka fo road na war.
even to go Baba God house na palava.

Praise singers de sing, wit one leg fo outsaid
Preachers de encourage di congregation
to beliv wetin dem no beliv

‘If we perish, we perish’ na song
wey mouth de sing, heart no follo sing am.
No be hellfire come we kontri so?

We dae hear of bomb, we no sabi how e be,
now we don hear am so tey
E don turn knockout fo we ear.

No be say I call any name oo!
I just say make I ask, weda di hell fire wey we de hear
don come we kontri?

E don bend ol di bones fo my heart
I no fit keep am dia again na e I say make I ask
weda hell fire don come we kontri?

Written by: Williams Enechojo Gloria
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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