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Heaven At Last [Heaven At Last]

This life I must give back to the owner
Maybe not now, maybe later
My entire being will later –
Sleep flesh-less to the dust of the earth

But before my fingers are given away to
The termites to feed on six feet below
My elbow must support my hands to write
Of what is meant to be right

My ancestors bear me witness before now
That I have tasted sin and sinned
I have gone beyond being sinful
Unknown voices propel me to do evil

But now! I know what I thought was hidden
Found treasures in that which was written
Before I and my ancestors were begotten
Lost but found, my creator is not careless

Before my very eyes I found love
Woe to my mortal self for being myopic
I have cooked, seen and tasted that-
God is sweeter than words and rhythms

After my sunset I know I must rest so-
Now! I’m sorry for not being sorry from Adam
Never will I put on the Devil’s smile again
Sin has travelled in me with a speed of light

But Heaven awaits me after here
Immortal I will be up there
One voice we will sing –
It will be me in “Heaven at Last”

Written by: Dominike E. Anyanebechi

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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