HEAL OUR LAND (by Moses Opara)

Heal Our Land

Heal Our Land

On wheels of broken legs, our land now crawls
A million times backward in abject corruption, in ignorance!

Hoodlums of ignorance, sharing our conscience on a mask of deceit,
Are busy polluting our growth, to quenching stagnancy.

We are ragged, with embargos of set-backs creeping on our soil
The world has labeled us evil!
Where is the love we preach?
Where is the peace?

Mother earth yawns in grief.
Confused, hatred has painted us faceless,
As we sell our souls to the devil himself!

Anarchy is peacefully parading in our land,
Destroying our natural bliss cause:
How can seat expecting a brighter tomorrow?

On khaki, stained with human red-oil, we assemble
Like vulture’s spilling innocent dreams in vain
And raping our land of its fertile glories!

Why such callousness in our own father-land?
Who will heal our land from its bloody-bath of evil?

Our land is now a play ground for rivalries,
We wash our hands in evil!
Where lays the glories and honors we upheld?

This is our land, our earthly heritage.
The visions our fathers leave for us won’t take us anywhere,
Unless we come together and love ourselves, in unity!

Together with one heart, we can revive our nation back,
Together we can make our entire world a better place to be,
Changing ourselves in love, before changing our land…

Awaken our father-land and embrace love to grow!

meet the poet: Moses Opara

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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    BanKoL says

    lovely…like a continuationof “Of Peaceful Times…

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