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HE HEALED THEM ALL by Osoba Taiwo Peter

On the cross of calvary Jesus died
Even for the most defiled
The price of healing was paid
As those cruel stripes were made

Jesus healed the lame
And took away his blame
He healed the sick soul
And make him whole

Jesus healed the blind
That are of sight bind
His gentle touch restore vigour
And free from all rigour

Jesus healed the dumb
Who does not to fate succumb
He strenghtens the old
When their energy is waxing cold

Jesus healed the sick
And strenghtens the weak
He healed all manners of diseases
And make the afflicted to be at ease

Jesus healed the leper
With His touch, so tender
And He heal them all
Who on His name call

HE HEALED THEM ALL by Osoba Taiwo Peter

Author: Osoba Taiwo Peter

I fell in love with poetry in the year 2014 because I see poets as geniuses who dive into peoples thoughts and imaginations and pen it down to inspire and to chastise.

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