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HARD JUNE by Nnamdi Amasiatu

June, the sixth month of the year
A month of steady reminiscence
Of the already going new year
Unmasking a surge of renewed hope

But alas you look blue
Wearing a look of a blind man
With flashes of deceptive maneuvers
We indeed welcome you

Coming out from the jungles of ‘selective justice’
June came calling with a new face of change
Building slippery shadows in the air and
Caressing our bodies with hardship

Oh June, hard June
A month of intense decisions
Placing our future in the tunnel
Magnified by lies and deceits
With tight clinched fists
They held unto power like Idi Amin
Heralding a system of autocracy
With lots of gory antagonism
A swamp of swashbuckling situation

In their continued lunatic stupor
The country was mired in recession
Oozing out an overpowering stench of tribal bigotry
And tainting our future with darkened images

Oh June, why come this period?
Stand up and scare this deformity
Creating a fountain of unlimited brightness
For redemption of unborn generations..

HARD JUNE by Nnamdi Amasiatu

HARD JUNE by Nnamdi Amasiatu

Author: Nnamdi Amasiatu

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