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GRAVESIDE HOMAGE (for Christopher Okigbo)

Graveside Homage [Graveside Homage]

Variegated streaks of a rainbow:
Python and its dapples;
Great Emperor of the Elysian field…

The brass bell is dusted and oiled.
The hibernating spirit-gods and muse
Are summoned to pay their homage.

Deft fingers, you that strummed
On the seven-stringed violin, marshalling
The grand worship at Pantheon.

Mystique of lion; fortress of the den:
You crossed the Rubicon, championing a battle,
And prevailing over all, returned solely,
Full-fledged with seven colours of eagle quill
(That seven generations of your offspring
May never know the vicious taste steel).

Sun’s brightest Orion;
Most beloved of Vesta, how fair you are,
Fairer than the vestal virgins!

Heraldry of Zephyr’s loftiest entry;
Eunuch’s horn of septet valves:

Upon your legendary ivory towers
My face I veil in noble obeisance;
Deep-drunken from the nectar of your goblet,
Too strong to bear your acolyte-bard.

Ah, poor me, this song is heavier
Than your green lips…

Written by: Kelechi Oriaku Ansel
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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