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GONE ARE THE DAYS (of the death of humanity and morality)

Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days
When children would converge at moonlight t and listen to the old man’s stories
Marveling in rapt attention to every word
Of his tales of worthy dames and vibrant men who brought home countless glories!

Gone are the days
When life was cherished by men, both theirs and others,
With deep concern for those in need,
Not taking away the breath of their kind, but staying as brothers!

Gone are the days
When men held their wives close to their hearts like rare treasures
And cherished them till death parts their ways,
Their love and trust now leavened with dark pride and evil pleasures!

Gone are the days
When women valued their bodies and waited for the right time,
Waiting till their conjugal bliss
With bold hearts and integrity soaring at their prime!

Gone are the days
When men would work tirelessly under the scorching sun and feel the heat,
Not captives of hunger under its piercing rays,
Sitting lazily with languid thoughts on what to eat!

Gone are the days
When the people worshipped in spirit and in truth even in fortitude,
Without a pinch of doubt,
Their seeds of faith now lie on thorns of escalated disquietude!

Gone are the days
When the moon would wait for its turn, giving reverence to the sun
Or chasing each other for dominion, causing delays,
But Time seems impatient; its weary mind decides to run!

Gone are the days
When the people would guard their nations like faithful bees!
Yes, they were real men,
Men who preferred dying in battle than on their knees!

Gone are the days
When the roots danced to the tune of the earth’s crust!
Now its negligence brings forth fetid fruits tainted with decays,
Fetching nothing but drought, thus turning its beauty to inutile dust!

Gone are the days
When the sweet smelling fresh air sauntered o’er the lands, soothing the entire race!
Aye, those were days of peace
The flowers never ceased to radiate their scent, bringing smiles to mankind’s face!

meet the poet: Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale

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