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Give Me Quiet [Give Me Quiet]

Quiet! Quiet!
Soothes my soul.
Not even the coolest morn
Bereft of the coos and hoots
Of the living and dead,
Not even stream shimmers of sun rays
Kissing the rocks in soft glides
Is one to compare,
But quiet…

It is quiet that I pray for
In the middle of this bustles and hassles,
Then I will understand and know
That vanity floats in this air
Mixed with time and chance.

Quiet, quiet
When I close eyes to sleep
That I may in that world hear
The details that keeps this one running
And on wake, leap with faith.

O grave silence!
Bath this world of mine,
Push it’s walls farther
Away from these noisome anxiety
That shivers the hub of this city,
The towers of Babel
Given touch of gold label,
The lustre polish that reflect moonlight
When the world is at dusk..

Give me Quiet and attention
In this buzz of distraction
Of a busy human age,
Cell phones and head phones
Loud tones of jargons,
Give me Quiet

Written by: Anyi Charles Egbe

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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