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GIVE ME FOOD, MY DAILY BREAD (by Erayan Daniel Ukwe)

Give Me My Food My Daily Bread! [Give Me My Food My Daily Bread!]

You that joke with everything
And make me felt I’m nothing,
You took an oath, and lied to my face!
Now, deep inside, I’m just bile filled space.
I am all alone and rags are all I have to wear.
And all this pain, for your sake, I bear!

Please, give me my food, my daily bread.

You that stood with promises on the podium
Reciting with glee the national compendium,
Look, family and friends, for your sake I’ve lost
But all I have at home are empty pots
Remember your promises in which I was lost
None you give, haven consumed my trust!

Now give me food, my daily bread.

You now drive by in porch cars
Leaving behind your tyre scars.
And the foreign clothes you wear
Could buy for me a thousand pairs!
I seek for bread, you gave me stone
Don’t forget, for your sins you must atone.

Won’t you give me food, my daily bread?

Which nook did I not for you run?
But now you do me this treacherous turn!
My anger, pain is irrepressible
And I’m holding you responsible!
So before, I embark on my quest
You have to grant my request…

Just give me food, my daily bread.

meet the poet: Erayan Daniel Ukwe

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