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Gidan Waya [Gidan Waya]

My soul revels in what my dream has brought to me
of lakes and creeks and pastures stupendously green.
At times I leer my sight upon the sea
to veer my thoughts and ebb my cumbrous state
upon the hills that heave and trees that cleave upon the hills.
In the dawn I cast my sight upon the hills
whenever I am indolent or dormant lain
brimming curious thoughts that bind me with Mundus Divine.
At times the glaciers gild the mountain tops
and cloudy scuds do gamble me
casting its darkling veil upon the contoured hills
toppling my mind with parlous thoughts.
Upon my mind am dribbled to ask,
“Do hills exist?”

In the day, the sun sparkles bright
prancing upon the mauve greenish weeds
when upon the fields bumblebees do flock with glee
and black cranes with lustrous manes do screech.
Dames and damsels do game upon the farms
taming the loamy heaps from where corns grow.

In the evening I watch the morphed horizon
stuccoed by suave cerulean grey of twilight hues
where on cephalic hilly roofs the poplars strive with the sky.
At such awkward time peasants descend the hills
with waifs and strays and gypsies too
camping at the shores for an emollient bath.
I watch the river flow in the twilight odd
when black figures of quaint phenomena descend to bathe.
The eels, the pelicans and wagers
I long to see,
the pelagic propping of the hydra’s head
and mollusks slogging behind their shells.

And in the night,
when the moon brightens with gibbous rays
and feigns the night to day,
Angwa-Kaje hosts the swarm of lovers,
piping and serenading.
At such odd time the frantic beat of percussion echoes
and the sweet ‘susurupi’ flows.
All in Gidan Waya,
the heart of Kafanchan.

*Gidan Waya is a settlement in Kaduna State

Written by: Olayiwola Olarewaju Metamofosis
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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