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WHY AM I HERE by Gideon Abowha

Born,bred alone in this world
My cherubic self; my decency
Delved all depths; guess no debts.
Grow along diversified unknown travails of the world.
Decent self; beyond came from
My earthly gods; cared me in adversity.
Facts untold still
Why I’m here?

Pains foretold; Bit cheering chirping untold.
But, I’m just a child; should I really be here?
Here; in this evil world I’m.
Cheat cheater all; here I’m; shouldst I?
I came in; in this fruitful fruitless world.
Seems rhetoric; seemed flummox
Dirt dirty inborn; I mean betrayal
Scattered amidst.
Facts untold still
Why I’m here?

Try trials Bred succeeded failure.
Wave; breeze blew unruly.
Sun setting specifically in evil secluded.
Downcasted and degraded; by those prominence.
Rejected and abjected; still by them.
Ahem! I lay laid my back
Try trying to figure things
Things of confusing nature
Nature of confusing scripture.
Reasons and whys’ of the earth.
Is it that I’m lost or what?
Panic panicky; all in me.
Asked! Asked! Asked!
Facts untold still
Why I’m here?

Author: Gideon Abowha

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