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WE NEED A CHANGE by Osoba Taiwo Peter

Nigeria northerners have became refugees in their country,
Bokoharam everywhere rage,
The soldiers were unable to stop their day to day effrontery.
We need a change !

Nigeria the giant of Africa
Is being deranged,
The northerners are being massacred.
We need change !

Nigeria a country of fifty-five years in dependence,
Her future is like mirage,
Despite her hundred year in existence.
We need change !

We are tired of being governed by corrupt leaders,
How will Nigeria turn a new page,
When her leaders only for their stomach cares ?
We need a change !

The people are daily engulf in fear,
Workers were denied their wage,
The people wine and dine in their tears.
We need a change !

The citizens’ rights were being defiled,
The governments were acting strange,
Chibok girls day and night wailed and cried.
All we need is change!

Nigerian Poetry - WE NEED A CHANGE by Osoba Taiwo

Nigerian Poetry – WE NEED A CHANGE by Osoba Taiwo

Author: Osoba Taiwo Peter

I fell in love with poetry in the year 2014 because I see poets as geniuses who dive into peoples thoughts and imaginations and pen it down to inspire and to chastise.

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