TRADITION (ÀṢÀ): Lawal Segun Musbau

Under the mango tree
Smiles greeted their faces
The pangs of labour
The lady to be be a mother
The child has is coming
The cries of the pain to be born

Water lost, blood escape
Ancestors have been reborn
Infant with no hope than to survive
Is called back by the priest
Sacrifice of a cock and hen to IFA

Indwelling spirit
Accepted their plea
Palm wine for the gods
All to see the clean soul of man
Water thrown up on the thatched roof
Mother and child run three times to purify

Making the unclean house clean
The best coal and fresh fire lighted
Children grows a truthful son
The village secured
Green leaves refresh the land
Togetherness smiles to their souls

The tradition has been tampered with
Doctrine has eloped with the past
Hearts has been corrupt
Earthen pot is broken
Earth seized it’s nurture
And sickness strikes their land

©olusegun lawal.

TRADITION (ÀṢÀ) by  Lawal Segun Musbau

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