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THIS RED by James Oboba

Beguiling elephant umbrella
Purity-cum-red is corruption
Food-cum-danger(red) is bait
A bermuda beauty
This red have made you
What a mockery of goodness!

White and green won’t make you a dove
I tag you a woeful wolf
Though more rueful and mournful
Under your covering
Yet wholly wet by melted ice

Sucks like a leech
Rancid and repulsive
Disguised tyranny
The masses have caught your cunnings

This red is blood
Bled blood is a curse
Laid curse is a cross

Change and be free from wrath,
shun, slaughter and butcher
Though I care not

I neither seek your shade
Nor touch your tail

This red is cruelty
This red is cynical
This red-cum-white-cum-green is
oppression, greed and injustice

May their spirits dot your dreams
May tears tear you apart
May their souls fry fried fish on the seat
And may the seat be hot for you

Dead-alive you made the sphere
Turbulent are the waters
Despair offered to many

I hate you not
I think it’s about the red
Green and white meant well

THIS RED by James Oboba

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