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SPARE THE VIRGINS: Benjamin Elemide

Let virgins be drunk
With gins of truth;
As lies intoxicate thousands
In pairing with deflowered souls.

Stab them in front
With customized fonts
That they may be saved
From common injuries.

You may call them novice,
For avoiding your lustful notice;
You may never call them models
But they are celebrities of modesty.

Our world was deflowered.
Our land wails for its verdant glory
Splotched with blood and tears.
Now, our virgins are devalued.

If the kingdom of God
Could be likened to ten virgins,
How many virgins would
Our future be likened to?

If the future mustn’t be speared,
Then, the virgins must be spared!

South African Virgins doing the reed dance SPARE THE VIRGINS by Benjamin Elemide

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