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In the city of poverty
The rich reign supreme
They isolate themselves
On the Island of arrogance

The city of poverty
Great city I love to hate
There, living with hunger
Is the fate young urchins

In the city of poverty
Crime is a culture
Vice a tradition
Corruption an inheritance

In the city of poverty
The virus of oppression
Incubates in the mind of the poor
And they oppress self, fooled by the rich

In the city of poverty
The rich buy the guns and say
“Take and kill yourselves
And be goners for life.”

From the muddy ponds of poverty
Comes the melody of the Sow
Reverberating through the mud huts
To the distant rich in their reverie of isolation

In the city of poverty!

Written by: Onen Fidelis


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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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