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NaTional Gangan
A discuss with the Talking Drum;
On the rhythmic science of Politics,
Law of war and rhymes of corruption,
lyrics of empiricism of racial discrimination,
And Tribalism, a fruit of ethnicity

Talkin Drum Replied :
must the vampires’ covens be filled with blood
nonsense’ treasures in the bloody bank’s brood
nation of divert strangers will fail to proceed
incoherent cohesion on the maze of hatred

A chat with the talking drum;
On governance and representation,
A rigorous search of melodious hope
Playing the gangan with all prowess.

Talking Drum Replied:
the government against the people
like rats in the refinery of biscuit
who will find the poison-apple
the refinery aught to be rat’s casket

Still conversing with the Talking drum
With sedulous skill for futuristic hope
I plea that my Nation be no cemetery of hope
Or the grave-yard of love and progress

Talking Drum replied:
the law book of tyrants pilots the future
bandits controlling the planes of the strata
requiem of justice and truth set for torture
the rich so-call gods and poor tag’d to satan

Lets dialogue with the Talking drum;
An oratory for change we hope for,
And rhythm for rhapsody and passover
And a movement to new beginning, renaissance!

Talking Drum Replied:
the giant of africa the central of jingoism
systematic breakdown of pluralism
nation’s eyrie presided by nice looking demons
with king-kong starring as the Robinhood of the dons

No more dialogue with The Talking Drum
Your best harmony is maladorous hymn of sorrow
Our plight a praxis to quit the discuss
We need no sad, striking pain of facts

Talking Drum Replied :
who will bell the cat and be watchrat to listen as it rings?
if the civil law had metamorphosed into orders of despots
Then, shall we shy away from truth and lose our conscience’ bing!!
if truth fails to protest, democracy aught to be banditocracy.


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