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MOTHER AFRICA by Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

How can I forget your love in a hurry?
Your love firmer than the Ogbòmò
With which you backed me when I was an Omòmò.
You waited till my shaky legs gathered strength to walk thru’ life.

Your thoughts are of me
My well being your priority.
You denied sleep entrance
Whenever it came knocking at night.
You made sure hunger didn’t break in
When it was time for breakfast.

Blindfold my eyes and my tongue won’t mince words
When it taste your sumptuous delicacies
Prepared by those succulent hands
That spanked me for my wrongs
And patted me when I cried.

Mother Africa, you planted good manners in me
It grew bit by bit.
I never allowed it wither from my heart a bit
Till it became an habit
And now, it pumps as my heart beats.

* Ogbòmò is an Urhobo word for the Cloth used to back babies.
* Omòmò is an Urhobo word for baby.

MOTHER AFRICA by Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

Author: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

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