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LET ME DIE: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

What if my words drag me

Into that jungle of forgotten souls
And my intuition is clinched upon the castigated tree,
Would you drown in sympathy?

What if my fortitude was stolen and strangled,
Replaced with misery and torment upon your spirit’s vision,
What if my words deny me,
Handing me over to the fragile gods
Whom I have adorned their names in mockery,
Will you cry for me?

What if the night could only stare
As my life is burnt with departing flames,
What if I cure the thirst of the gods
As my blood is littered on defiled dusts,
Will you groan in disbelief?

I urge you, do not cry
For I saw the disastrous future strolling towards me
With a dagger dangling on her neck
To behead my spirited soul, what then did I do?
I never stopped, I kept fighting,
Inscribing stinging words upon scrolls
Going on a voyage with the winds,
I traded fright and anxiety for bravery, a friend of death. I can see,
I only chose to be blind.

Yes I am blind, I don’t wanna see
What’s the use of those eyes sinking in bloody tears of their lineage,
Still, taking refuge under shadows of the swollen sockets?
Tell me why I should live with a fatigued tongue
Which only laments under that shawl of dumb lips?

I beg you, let me die, not to be a warrior,
For I’m certain you shall wrap my names in oblivion,
But I won’t regret.
For If I die unifying blacks, I shall dine with gods
In peace under the sacred shrine of serenity

Let me die, do not cry
For I shall take refuge amidst the african ghosts
Slaughtered without a reason,
For when I shall look down at status of blacks,
I shall smile and say…I do not regret dying.
Do you chose to die with me?


LET ME DIE by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

Author: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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