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IJA OMINIRA: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

Keeeeeeere o!
Haven’t you smelt it,
The butt of the gods, stinking?
Haven’t you perceived
Their barren souls
Like a rotten egg?
What’s the fate of that belly
Which drank a rotten egg?
It shall groan, yes it shall wail.

I beg you!
Come, let us reason together.

Haven’t you observed
The mood of the clouds?
See their facade
Designed in wrinkles of uncertainty,
They no more chuckle in radiance,
All they shed is sour tears
Dropping from their innocent eyes
Which behold the butchered flesh
And blood of their heiress.
The stars are combat ready,
Not against the heavenly realm
But against us,
If we deny defeating our fears,
Our blood and our god’s
Shall kiss the raging spade of the twinklers,
Then shall we pay for our feebleness.

Therefore listen,
Let us reason together!

Let me ask a question!
Are the fluids swimming through
Our veins darkened?
Our tribe is black,
But shall the eyes of our eye be blank?
I see vacuum,
That’s the spell the gods casted
Against our fragile souls.
Rent the doors of your spirit,
What do you see?
I’m sure you can see darkness,
Sheltering our future,
Shall we stay silent and nurture?

I charge you,
Come as we reason together!

Alade, Aduke and Asabi,
Come on here
Let us invade the shrine of war,
For I shall await you,
Do not forget to come with courage,
Agility and faith,
Today marks the begining,
Pick up your swords
And I shall pick up the catapults,
For today, we shall bring down
The message bird of the deity.
Are you set?
Let us paint their blood on our faces
And feed the gods flesh
To the hungry vultures.

And if we do not return,
Do not cry
For we have not lost the battle,
We’ve only gone with the battle.

gods – leaders.

ija ominira – fight for freedom

IJA OMINIRA by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

Author: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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