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I TOO WANT TO SERVE by Owoicho Nelson

I want to serve my country
And lead my country men
I want to speak for all and sundry
Building a foundation for the system
I too want to serve the poor
Save their souls answering the call

I want to wear an iron garb
Attire made for only gods
The cost of which men paid in blood
Blood of men spilled to serve
Serves as libation for my toil
The toil from which commett my spoils

I want to truly serve my country men
Riding chariots which the ought to own
Own upon white paper’s atrocities with a pen
Pen with which their heritage was disowne

I want to serve my country well
Laced and prepared in iron garb
The future I can always tell
My country men would say “it is well”

what will become of us

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