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Today I made a friend
Each man for himself to fend
Of course, when I bend on her farm
She must also tend to my ham.

I sure know beautiful things,
Ashur’s no Beau’s fool thing.
I’d bend a knee
I’d bet she’ll kneel.

Tomorrow we’ll show no pity
We’ve both known no piety
She will go away, and I will go my way
Twas my pay that held her sway, and her sway that held my pay.

UNTITLED by Amina Akinyemi

These thoughts are one of the miracles of my brain
Their fruits hang low like sin.
These tears a revelation of my pain
They drop like glaciers shedding skin.

But my ears were turned deaf when you invite
For what am I but human you made.
My face screened my sickness from your light
Still naught to you but man-made.

Wash me then in your soothing grace
Which lends the bird a taste of heaven.
And mould me in your cooling flames
A phoenix, at your sight to tremble.

BETRAYAL by Stella Allou

Let’s talk about the story
You seem to hide it
But I guess that’s history
No more secrets; just unravel it

I remember you spoke of euthanasia
Which happened to the youth in Asia
I was against it from the start
Yet you gave in from scratch

Betrayal became your middle name
And shame written all over your face
See you on the flip side
Because that’s where you reside

A TEST by Ewuola Damilola Michael

I wrote this for a test;
And it’s also supposed to attest
That with the lecture I’m abreast,
And that I understood its context

I’m inspired to get it right,
I’m challenged to push harder,
I’m now very much aware of my excesses;
I’m ready to practice

My writing hand laid on the pen-like plough
Ready to explore this literary bough
And yet at this point it may look rough
The fire that melts iron is tough.

LION EATING LIONS by Ahmad Usman Ode

We are planters of plenty pains
Upon fields of fertile famine ions
As our little scramble for gains
Rest on the tail of lion eating lions

We glean on our glabrous grief
After pampering pains so brief
Hoping chivalrously for alms,
and healing from poisonous balms

Hovering over our covers
Are remains of rotten coffers
When will relief ever come?
When will lions leave this home?

These poems were submitted for this class activity: RHYME IN POETRY: TYPES AND USAGE (CLASS WORK).


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