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FLAWS: Benjamin Elemide


Show me an edgeless shape,
And I’ll show you our shapeless world
Circled with shapes of many edges;
Even, knowledge cannot ledge it edges.

Show me a rich man honoured with titles,
And I’ll show you his stance of arrogance:
Gorgeous garments gorge his gormlessness;
Who is to be humble if not a poor fellow?

Show a poor man with responsibilities,
And I’ll show you his desperation
To bridge all his breaches.
His good inner properties is veiled by poverty.

Show me the inventor of an invention,
And I’ll show you the bad
Through his goodness to the world,
Though, his goodness is better than bomb.

Show me an easy man
And I’ll show you his difficulties
Handled with simple simplicity:
To be an easy man is difficult.

Show me an educated man
And I’ll show you his frailty
Hidden with formalities,
But, his mental possession is remarkable.

Show me excellence
And I’ll show you how God made it
With the hand of man:
Man imitates his maker in creativity.

Show me perfection
And I’ll show you the hand of God.
Man was made in perfection,
His flaws deformed him on the platform of law.


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