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EKAARO O!!!: Olutunbi Oluwaseun Israel

Ekaaro o!, it means good morning,
Echoes of a new beginning,
a new day, a fresh start,
The gift of another opportunity,
Great new tide of strength,
Ready to crush and conquer.

Ekaaro o!,
it means good morning,
Behold the Sons of the early dawn ,
birthed in good spirit.
Soft, strong, refreshed voices of their great minds ,
speaking thus, one to yet another,
Minds alike, victoria ascerta.

Ekaaro o!, it means good morning,
Chains of failure will be broken,
and then wielded to cause a great triumph…
Indeed a great rise from the beneath.

Ekaaro o!, it means good morning.
Procrastination is postponed,
Time wasters , converted
else only tomorrow will be their’s
but will it ever come?

Ekaaro o!
I move now, breath steady,
Brain, flowing unidly, flawless,
Mind, resonating…
with the frequency of success.

EKAARO O!!! Ekaaro!! Ekaaro o!
Some things will eat just one hour
Others voraciously take years
In consistency lies the power
Let us begin…


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