I’ll not be a good husband because…

I do my laundry by myself
there’s perpetual order on my shelf
I fold my clothes… pant, shirt, singlet
there’s no pinching odour in my toilet

I’ll be a terrible husband because….

I cook my food, it’s rarely bought
there’s no sign of soot on my pot
I make my bed and mop my floor
there’s no boxer hanging on my door

and my wife won’t enjoy me because…

I hate skimpy skirt
I complain about dirt
Too much make-up I hate
I hate exposed breast-plate
I do  not drink, smoke or roam
I prefer to stay inside my home


Please, what are the qualities
of a good husband? What activities
must I do to prepare myself….
I’ll start with disorder… a scattered shelf!

This poem was written after a conversation between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. The woman felt the man will not make a good husband because he is ‘too domestic’.

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • This is good. I like the rhymes and the simplicity

  • Hmmm!
    Guess we are all afraid of anything outside the usual.

    Ironic, but most ladies fear a supposedly perfect man who is just merely primed and disciplined.

    • It is true. So what shuould such men do?

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