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AN ANGEL AND A BEAST by Ewuola Michael

I saw an angel playing with a beast
And from what I saw; they were holding a feast
I saw the beast on the angel’s wings
And sweet melodies they began to sing

Are you as surprised as I am
That a lion is playing with a lamb
And that an eagle is flying on the back of a chicken
Or that this union is forbidden

Did I not see jerry yesterday
Promising a prostitute for today?
And truly I saw the evangelist
Taking his mistress to the abortionist

If I tell you all that I saw
It will break your heart and make you sore
Because I’ve seen what you cannot imagine
Smokes from incense and cigar converging

But this last one I’ll mention
I saw you at the evil convention
Where they plan to share people’s blood
And take them for sacrifice in occult gourds

I saw you taking money from the coffers
And taking them away in helicopters
I saw you winking at your neighbours wife
And entering the young widow’s house after five

I saw you also on the altar
Trading a fat envelope for prayer
And I saw the smile on the priests face
As he entreated God to give you more grace

I saw you beat your wife
Daring her to tell anyone and lose her life
And I saw how you fondled your daughter
Telling her not to say it to her mother

I really saw you giving generously to the poor
And trying to deceive others that you are pure
But in piety you are the least
Not an angel only a beast

Author: Ewuola Damilola Michael

Author, poet, lover of arts and thought provoking words.

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