AMALA DUDU by Olutunbi Oluwaseun Israel

How I crave you
And adore your profound beauty
I am drawn through space and time,
on the wings of haste
To your existence daily
Same place, same timeAnd so it comes to pass
Before the great Smokey table
I am rewarded with a battle
A delicious battle for my buds
And their indomitable company of white knights
Elevated like a mountain, coated with molten magma
Of spicy pepper and sumptuous flesh
I stood my ground, screaming silently
“Who art thou oh mountain, for thou shalt be made low”
So then, I fight, with my lovely-foeI fight, not with an arsenal of table weapons
But with highly sanitized bare hands
Digging into the very foundations
Of the irresistible dark mould
of “Amala, abula and orisirisi”
Great chunks travelling obediently, down my permissible guts,

to the stomach abyss, knights tugging with meat

So now, the mountain is levelled
I rise, through no haste
Slowly expecting the morrow
That we may consummate our love in battle,
Same place, same time.

**Featured in “Who Shall I Make My Wife”, an anthology of food related poems

Amala: A delicacy in Western Nigerian.
Abula: Spicy soup that go with the amala
Orisirisi: Different meat parts

Nigerian Poetry - AMALA DUDU by Olutunbi Oluwaseun Israel

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    Oye says

    Ive fallen inlove with amala yet again; d poem s amazing

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      Administrator says

      hehehehe. please do

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