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AJE PAKO: Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale

Beneath these fiery eyes looking brief and hollow
Lies a being you’d be scared to follow
My mind is the reveille that brings my soul awake
Till it lunges like an engine without a brake
While others fall ill, my strength increases
‘Cos my body is susceptible to diseases
Whenever an opportunity advances
I seize it firmly and never miss my chances
At the market place, I haggle over prices
My senses are reposed, even in times of crisis

Each night is accompanied with darkness and heat
Yet I sleep soundly like I’m on a retreat
I scuffle with mosquitoes daily on my bed
Till my eyes have gone sleepy and red
I’m naija bred, my swarthy skin says it all
It’s written in my speech like a painting on a wall
My area can make a sane man run
Yet my future is as resplendent as the sun
When shelter runs out and comfort is gone
My square meal turns to zero-zero-one

I’ve felt hunger deep down my belly
Till my eyes feasted on food commercials on the Telly
I’ve trekked for miles till my legs turned weak
And cried for nights till my lips couldn’t speak
I know every single buka along each street
Just like my toes are accustomed to my feet
Try not to incite the anger in me
For you know not what I might turn out to be
I might speak gruffly and greet without a smile
But do not be dismayed, it’s the Pako lifestyle


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