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A PEOPLE’S HOPE by El Sane Ken Silencer

A People’s Hope.

A damsel I have, nor can I
call my wife
Is whom I cannot call my own
But people are admiring
and courting
her with daring-belief…

And she is falling
For ’em, life is now boyfriend
And to some, ladybird
And they are smiling…

Free making merry
And merry-making is the air
They breathes with much bravery
And freedom is
in what they adheres

And yet… To my ears,
‘Free’ is a hard word; a bafflegab
To me, so cloudy, since years
Forcing the lion in me, and on a slab
Like what is sworn and wrote on sab.

And my self is telling me
Sane, if you can and are to free yourself and be,
Nothing else, not even tomae would bother you again
And if you free yourself and make no folly with your freedom
And adopt and make very good use of wisdom
No venom will befall you, and glee will come to your gain…

And I love the sound of my mind
Saying; ones fate could be his faith
And I say to myself
In freedom and life
What makes people merry
Is a people’s hope.

A PEOPLE'S HOPE by El Sane Ken Silencer

Author: El Sane Ken Silencer

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