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The evening gets darker
As the night approaches
The sky was filled with bright colorful stars
The moon reminded me of an old night tale
And I wonder in amazement
What a splendid night befalls mankind
With so much pleasant memories
Lovers could easily avail themselves this opportune night
To enjoy the romantic aura
That the serenity of the night provides
Hearts will melt in love
If subjected longer to the romance of the night
And couples will be birthed all around
With rekindling of love and hope for broken homes
And the restoration of the lost sons to the Father
So that families would be reborn
Homes united and fortified in love
As my heart keeps glowing in this wonder
I got amazed as I set my gaze further
In awe of the sovereignty of God
Love still shares its touch
With humanity when lonely
And as my salutation registers into this night
I candidly and sincerely accept that
It’s a night to remember.

Author: David Owoeye

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