FOR THE SERVICE OF MANKIND! (for gallant soldiers and their families)

For The Service Of Mankind

For The Service Of Mankind

Before or even after he signed
For better or worse, you had in mind.

You signed only to serve,
As professional or novice,
And you understood weeping and smiles!
The journeys call from a thousand miles.

To you, life is no social whirl,
To coach and nurse kid(s) alone.
Such lonesome life, you have to endure,
For the service of mankind!

The age of Biafra, taught you so
When like every soldier you shout “HO”
While past war zones you crept
And for a thousand tales wept!

And so away to the Middle Belt
All, for this honor! Wives did endure!
Yours is the unwanted bloodshed
That makes our hands now impure!

Now, to the North! Joint task force troops run.
All units, must obey, it’s not fun;
It’s a six months vigil, but you can’t mind
For it’s in the service of mankind!

If one fails to return
Shed tears, you must in turn
(Surely, none should be tears of shame),
Rear the kid(s), polish the name!

But above all, keep in mind:
It was in the service of mankind!

meet the poet: Erayan Daniel Ukwe

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Abdul

    i love it, nd it’s very strict nd a creative guy you people have got in Erayan……. pls how can i meet him. i’ll like tu work wit him.

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