…FOR ALUU (a lamentation by Gabriel Gabbycapable)

...For Aluu

…For Aluu

There are some there, dripping coins of blood.
And here, pounds of flesh burn in the wrath of fiery swords
And youthful innocence drowning to grievous pits:
One thrown to forest, the other sunk down in dusty feet.

Here, love is stolen,
And mercy’s cry is not given.
Murdering is wisdom and prevention too.
What then is this evil we do?

Heathens, Tell me, don‘t you steal!
Cannibal, yes you. Why must you kill?
So your sickle is lynching and fire,
Your judgment is nakedness and tyre?

I saw a king in famine of knowledge;
He did allegiance to felony pledge.
Unmoved to pardon his fellow humans’ sons!
For his heart is woven with thorns!

meet the poet: Gabriel Gabbycapable

Photo: Galerie Bonheur

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


  1. Reply
    Uzoma says

    Two sides of this story. The very common one I find here.

    • Reply
      Kukogho Samson says

      But no matter the side of the story that is true…the reaction is totally not justified? Or is it?

  2. Reply
    Uzoma says

    Capital punishment is a crude act, no doubt. But one of the problems we face in Nigeria is unaccountability. We find it in most quarters. We find it in the police.

    Reports tendered were unanswered. This, I believe, fueled such a mean response. Now even the ‘pant robber’ knows it is not business as usual.

    • Reply
      Kukogho Samson says

      Now, the question is would you partake in such?
      Do you know that mischievous elements set up innocent people by calling them thieves?

      • Reply
        Uzoma says

        Oh c’mon Sam. Such an act is barbaric. What hurts me is that the Rule of Law has hardly been followed as of late. We watch evil politicians (who are rich of course) go free after they have been accused of financial crimes.

        You complain to the police, the next thing: “We’ll look into the matter.” When?! I’ve had two painful encounters with the police. Both I can boldly say weren’t my fault. On the second count here is what they said: “I no follow, N15,000.” So you see, it’s more than Aluu.

        Whatever must have led to the killings of those students, it must be said that the conditions for such wicked act have already been set in the society long ago and have indeed been entrenched in the consciousness of most Nigerians, especially the urban poor and deprived urchins, who joylessly roam the streets, whose daily existence has daily been brutalized, warped, and corrupted, and therefore, lacking in the humane capacity to make rational judgement with respect to the innocence or guilt of anyone who is unlucky enough to have a loud shout of “thief, thief” against him.

  3. Reply
    Uzoma says

    Please help me: ‘Capital punishment’ instead of ‘capital justice’. And ‘sides of’ instead of ‘sides to’.


    • Reply
      Kukogho Samson says


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