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if i were there
i would be lost in the warmth
of your embrace
wear the cologne of your comfort
fly in your care craft
feel the love of your tender palms

– reposed

but again i will be gone
or you will be gone
and i will be left
in thoughts of these good times
where my soul meets yours
our legs entangled
in love’s web

then a broom comes
picking cobwebs
sweeping through our love
leaving no trace

– scarred

for somehow
though this love thrives against torrents
though it flaps its wing like a fledgling
it flies not beyond the trees
basking only in its shelter
shut out of the world
and this caged bird does not sing
just tears

for we are two faces of one hill
seeking only to fill this gorge
deepened by time’s running feet
in a race that ended long before
we heard its whistle
was the referee blind
or were we deaf?

here i am
still wishing
still yearning
for you
still loving you

with all its pain


written by Jennifer Emelife.

lovers - flagellation

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