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FICKLE MINDS (dare to be different)

Fickle Minds

Fickle people make themselves weak,
As they fear being given the flick!
They misinterpret cowardice as being meek
And take humility for being willing prey to the slick!

Why won’t you choose your own side,
Than join the bandwagon and flow with the tide
Just for fear that your unique view men may deride?
For those who do so are usually taken for a ride!

Stand out of the crowd, or remain ordinary!
Yes, there may be boos, it they’re only temporary
Hold on tight to your unique ways. Wait, tarry,
For when inner joy comes, every other thing is secondary!

meet the poet: Okechukwu Obiorah Gideon

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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