Fear Of No Meaning

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My heart is always crying
Even though I’m always trying,
To built in me a wall to keep out fear
I’ve realized this world is not fair!

When will I learn to stand on my feet?
For my weaknesses, they call me unfit
All say I’m unable!
But I’m capable!

In me, Fear built its own shelter
Told me I’m of no good character
So my hope always falters
And my pride is in tatters

Oh! You spreader of garnished tales!
Why seek to stop me? I see your tail
We are not of the same mother!
Cross not my line, go to your border!

I was created with faith
You shall never decide my fate!
Fie! Away with your arrogant confidence!
You creator of ‘dividence’!

Stop that game, leave me with my hope!
Watch me climb o’er these wall without a rope!
I have the ability
Even though you think I don’t have the capability.

Your words have no meaning!
I’m a victor, soon I’ll be winning
I’m not dreamless!
Yes, I’m not hopeless!

Written by: Adenugba Temitope Theresa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • ajayi joel

    wow i have been made to understand that the only thing to fear is fear that is fear yourself from fearing cos fear is jst a shadow in fleshy disguise its never real.good selection of words writer

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