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Everything Na Double Double [Everything Na Double Double]

You fly the flag of Christianity
Its god is the God of prosperity;
The church has your attendance,
Prosperity is all it preaches;
Serving the forgiving God of riches,
You make money by atrocities.

“Your miracles is on the way,
For it you must pay”;
Seeking the price you go astray,
Approaching is the Sabbath Day,
A day to sing, dance, cry and pray,
Convincing God to forgive less delay.

Knowingly you break His heart,
There will be time to regret,
Is He not the God of forgiveness?
Your sins he shall dismiss!
Even his forgiveness “na double double”,
In sin continue to wobble.

God is everything but a fool,
Yet you become the devil’s tool,
Because God is forgiving…?
And in church you’ll be singing,
“Everything na double double!”,
With much zeal and bubble.

God is only watching you,
As you live on your life so untrue,
Plunging deeper into self-deceit’s throes,
Compounding, multiplying your woes,
You earned yourself the trouble,
“Everything na double double!

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