Dried Roots

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All seem to be intoxicated by modernization,
making corruptions the order of the day.
Were we colonised to forget the ways of our fathers,
now and repeatedly, impervious to correction,
seeing the real truth as old fashioned?

Where is your pride, O youths!?
Calling your mothers tongue irrelevant
because of the borrowed one you utter!
Where are your iros and bubas, your aso okes
that brings out the real you? Not the spaghetti,
body hugs, miniskirts you claim is glamorous!

Have you forgotten how to prostrate and kneel to greet elders?
Don’t tell me you can cook only Indomie,
and not obe-ata, edika ikong, ukazi, banga soup.
The festivals and dance steps you call devilish
being attuned to the latest immoral dances.

Our cultural heritage is dwindling
for the youths don’t see any wrong in their rights.
Should we continue watching with arms akimbo
as our cultural values race to extinction?
Awake O youths of Nigeria, awake!

Written by: Ajayi Joel
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • As we should. As we really should.

    It is frightening watching what the Nigerian youth’s now has become – how much more the future?

    Well done. More!

    • Azonto, sagging, BBA, BBM and makeup is all they care for now Oga Seun. Sad..

  • Emmanuel Chux

    Dnt forget Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Things are stil falling apart.

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