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DISJOINTED THOUGHTS [Disjointed Thoughts] [Disjointed Thoughts]

Disjointed lines
Tick-tocking heart
Middle finger at the median
Only gods know what the clock is saying
Each beats valued like gold dust
Sinked thoughts, I fear it rust
So unclear like black obsidian glass
A look in the mirror
Blurred thoughts of terror
Shuffling intents lacking tenor
Living ghost I see like horror
Rain dropping teardrops
Will you cry me a sea
Hunted by the ghost I saved
Lose, because I was brave
Imprison in a Lioness cave
Roaring whisper
Can you temper my temper
O Smoking dragon
Can you lit up my cigar(ette)
Already considered an ingrate
Confused mind of a sailor
Zigzagged cuts of a tailor
Who will mend my path
O Achilles heel
Isn’t there no worthy cobbler
Ain’t the gods your maker
Elysium elixir
Are you sure salvation does not expire
Trekking to Valhalla
Inferior to the host gods I holla
Enslaved to the scene
Who will cleanse me of this sin
Tempting tempest
Who is whistling this trumpet
I know not your intent
Covenant coven
Hovering birds occupy heaven
Blurred handwriting
Who will interpret this cryptic writing
Drunk gods
Who dare say they’re wrong
Legible jargons
Who’s brave enough to kiss a dragon
Or use as necklace a python
Cris-crossing Cross
Holy sun save my soul
Save me now, save me whole
Hiding under the pyramid
The sphinx wink, I’m brandly made

Written by: Semiú Femiblaze

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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