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DESIRE by Kenn Mamman

I feel lost but am found
I feel hate but am loved
Deep inside am changed
All I see are stories of infidelity

My life goes round n round
Am yet to find the one
Each the dream comes close
The hate returns
Each time the hate returns
Am lost
Only to be found when I hear
The sweet sensation of
A provoking goodbye

I feel lost in the midst of love
I wait for but I find not
Oh precious love
You are so sweet but yet
So provoking
Killing a soul so gentle as the sky
A heart so provoking like a volcano

I raise to cleanse my soul
But my heart keeps erupting
Which way seem sweet
Even as the beauty of it sound great
I fear it to the marrow of the bones
Because it tears my soul deeper than
A laser light in a safe

Save me oh great one and make
Me whole again
For I need to be the they longed for.

Author: Ken Mamman

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