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In reminiscence
Those foot steps at that unusual hour
As she strode in graciously in her majestic apparel
Even without having a glance
I couldn’t deny her amorous and sensual smell
I felt strange giggles
The sun grew cold, the walls smiled and plinth brandished
All in affirmation of her presence

That lingering 180 degrees turn was was like a trip to Venice
Mortals went hairless
Feet quivered
Confidence dwindled
Spirit, body and soul parted ways
Trembling swallowed me in obscurity
On beholding perfection
First time in my life

I exhausted all words and emotion
I gave my all to woo her
Everyone gave their all to woo her
To no ends
Because she never had a heart
A decorated vanity

Her eyes radiates glamor
Her feet are planted on the pedestal of splendor
Roses in her shell are no match for her
Her enchanting skin can blind even faster than a spear
We have no regrets
We gave all to woo her
But to no ends
She was only but
A decorated vanity.

Author’s Hint: A beautiful woman without a heart to love is only but a decorated vanity i.e worthless.

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