DEATH, WHY? by Theophilus Femi Alawonde

for the young ones who have died before their time (Alawonde Lois. I., Dare Sax, Ayantoye Ayantosho and others)

Why do you lay your cold fingers,
on the ones who ought to last longer?
Why do you choose to take away,
the unripe ones who love to stay?
Why leave us in so great a grief,
by not allowing them to live?
Why do you snatch them in their prime?
Why don’t you come at the right time?

Why don’t you even care?
Why leave us in despair?
Why do you touch our loved ones,
though you know they are dear ones?
Why do you play against the rules?
Why? We need an explanation from you!

DEATH, WHY by Theophilus Femi Alawonde

DEATH, WHY by Theophilus Femi Alawonde

Author: Theophilus Femi Alawonde

  • Hannatu Adamu

    I’ve always thought that to say someone died “before their time” is contradictory. If someone dies, it is probably their time.

    • Do die is to die. You die at your time, thats my belief too.

  • Theophilus Femi Alawonde

    If you’ve ever been bereaved, then you’ll be forced to believe that people die before their time.

    • Hannatu Adamu

      I HAVE in fact been bereaved. I guess everyone has their philosophy of death. I tend to look at the bigger picture, believing there must be a reason, (and a good one) why they lived and died when they did. Of course, given the choice, we’d all want our loved ones to live forever!

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