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Dawn Of TIme [Dawn Of TIme]

Upon the wall of prophecy
There shall come the weird time
That all you buried in fantancy
Only shall mime to rhythm chime
…. Apocalypse

Tho’ beatific like skylark tone
But that minute shall be known for augury
Far lost in a formost memory
Even pride shall lost it ptero wing
… O Apocalypse

So placid like floating white sea
But all meadow shall heat even grazing lea
Upon the door of striving sorrow
All we be caught in a narrow hallow
… O Apocalypse

The Symptoms of your last hour
When glowing sun shall shone from west
And the sin seeker shall sink in soar
For the earth to lost it last breath
… 0 Apocalypse

Written by: Taofiqat Nasiru Ayomide

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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