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DAVIDS EZIMAKO (a personal doggerel) [Davids Ezimako] [Davids Ezimako]

My mind’s in the gutter; somebody’s noticed.
Tried to wash it but its useless.
So put me on the block; behead me,
Or the cross and impale me.
I’ll be the same me down in Hades.
And while you paint the toilets white,
The stink’s in the silt down the pipes.
Some in love but the hate is twice.
So let me live my death tonight.
Cause we are corpses living life.

Davids Ezimako (a.k.a SMOKE) is a Nigerian.
A son of the soil where the huts are still thatched and the grasses are high.
Davids is a product of The School of Hard Knocks from STREETZ University.
He’s a shapeshifter, a doggerel-writer and a pain in the butt.
Davids Ezimako is not a human being. He’s a human ink, a stain and he’s runny on whites…

Davids Ezimako is a poet with a very fresh perspective. His lines are spun with more than usual care leading to poem that has never lacked the provocative and controversial ingredient.
He addresses simple things in a complex manner and the complex become simple in his verse.
I like to think of him as a ‘poetic lunatic’ but he has earned his right to be a loon, a stone and a ‘beatless’ heart.

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