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CRY OF A FATHERLESS SON (still on Aluu by Princess Okolie)

Cry Of The Fatherless

Cry Of The Fatherless

Now on my way home to my Father.
I cried out for help, dear mother.
Although the door to your heart was ajar,
But you could not hear me from so far.

My body ached from injuries deep and strange.
I could not bear the shame or the severe pain;
Lacerations, mutilations and amputations
My harvest arising from heinous accusations!

It hurt so badly, I could not even breathe!
The liquid was pungent. Then came the heat
When the fire was ignited,
And I was with fire Knighted!

I screamed for help, but none would come.
I turned to see, the people looked on.
I called on you, Mother! But there was no sound.
Only then did I realize you were nowhere around.

My heart leapt, its cavity broken!
My eyes popped, their sockets sunken!
My joints rigid, they refused to hearken!
My head, heavy, ten times ‘twas swollen.

How impossible to express aloud my cry!
My brain is alive because it refused to fry.
Forgive, dear mum, for peace now I see.
And on and on I live, but worlds across the sea.

Someday soon, this bliss you too will gain.
Somewhere in me, I know we’ll meet again.
Then to you I’ll fly with arms outstretched and wide,
Embracing with love and casting sadness aside.

meet the poet: Princess Okolie

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