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Crawlify [Crawlify]

I heard the heart of men beating
The atmosphere was tense, silence ruled
Many prayed to God. Are Zambians godless?
Lips dropped curses like rain on Keshi
Even as we prayed and watched the ball
Hoping it enters the right net
Ethiopians’ net!

At last Moses parted the red sea!
Pay the penalty, save our neck! Gooaal!
Tola bares all, throws the cloth
(A yellow card is waiting, Mr. C.L.O)!
Prophet Ezekiel prophesied, “Sack letter will change date”
Ego, breasted fan, claimed the luck;
Moses kicks in, twice. We ‘crawlify’

Ivory men from the Coast lie in wait
The Elephant will stomp
In a battle with the clawed Eagle
I hear, “Yaya, Gervinho, Kone, Drogba…”
Where is your hiding place, oh Eagle?!
Shall you court Luck again?
But now let’s celebrate
For the Eagle did CRAWLIFY!

Written by: Lebile Melt Tosin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: Lebile Melt Tosin

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