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Contrition [Contrition]

Throw the first stone.
O yes! Murder me.
I shall groan in pain but not in hatred.
Whatsoever a man sowth, so shall he rip.
I have sold your trust for a few pieces of shining silver.
So i deserve neither your mercy nor your pity.
Please send me to the bottomless pit in pain.

Throw the first stone.
Yes, let me drink the cup of my nemesis.
Let no mournful tears waters my grave.
I shall sink alone. I who ve been your heartbreak.
Let the souls of my victims gambol at my grave. I who ve
continuously hurt them day and night.
Please don’t let me join my ancestors in peace,
rather, send my grey head to abyss in pieces.

Throw the first stone.
For i ve played prodigal enough to drink from your wrath.
Let me wine with the cup of my repercussions. Don’t pardon me.
Let me die!
Peter could forgive his brother for up to seventy times seven,
but not me.
My sins re unpardonable.

Throw the first stone.
I ve been a samaritan – i know this from my youth.
Squeeze the air off my guilt-filled body.
Second chance is good for men, but not me;
let my blood atone for my sins.
The town shall know no peace until the troublesome iroko tree is
cut down. Please save your kindness for another day, for i
deserve it not.

Throw the first stone.
I ve played Mary Magdalene.
Ignore the handwriting on the ground
for you re as stainless as the saints.
Let the maidens laugh at my doom.
Let the children spit on my grave.
Let the old women curse the day i was born.
Let the men wash my name off the land.
I hold nothing against you.
Please forgive me…

Throw the first stone.
Spear my temple to death.
But brothers,
are you blameless?

Written by: Abel Iseyen Ancientman

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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