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COLOURLESS RAINBOW: Poetry of My Childhood

Colourless Rainbow by Sen Ihenyen [Colourless Rainbow by Sen Ihenyen]

Title: Colourless Rainbow
Author: Senator Ihenyen
Publisher: Coast2Coast Publishing, Lagos, 2011

Written in seven movements symbolic of the colours of rainbow in an ascending order, Colourless Rainbow: Poetry of My Childhood attempts to capture the disenchanting realities of our political and socio-economic experiences, in contrast with the innocence and dreams of childhood, using rainbow as a central image.

This collection of poems reflects the painful paradox in which we have found ourselves, as individuals and as a nation. From The Mirror, to The Tide, Senator Ihenyen paints pictures of our experiences – painted in blood, sweats and tears, green uniforms and white flowing garbs of deceit. Colourless Rainbow, Senator Ihenyen‘s first book of poetry is a journey of our own continual search for the rainbow of our lives and love, hopes and dreams, amid despair and emptiness.

‘The poems show us images, play out sounds and sometimes aesthetically project original and meaningful free verse forms.’ ~ Peter Irabor
‘The poems are all the work of a genius. ~ Donny Kingsley Okoh, author of ‘Unsung Sung’.

‘The poems represent reality as closely as far as Africa is today, from a symbolic point of view, in a simple language, informal, without even leaving aside the metaphorical nature of literature, but with a mysterious and real feel’ ~ Litereture Del Manana, Barcelona

‘This collection is a kaleidoscope of human experiences in varying waves – from the unacceptable to the incomprehensible, from personal perspectives to wider worldviews, from the local to the global, from the commonplace to ideals.’ ~ Conrad Anidiobu, Author of ‘Inter-Millennial Verses.’

‘Beautiful lines, soulful and then fresh. ~ Odili Ujubuonu, Author of ‘Treasure in the Winds 

The poetry is beautiful…fluid, lyrical and poised to kiss or strike. ~ Shell

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